Jackals disguised as foxes and grapes

In these days, a script that has already been seen and reviewed is repeated, the fox (or the jackal who dresses its skin) who cannot reach the grapes says that the grapes are unripe. We explain ourselves better, the scenes of masses facing the repression of Belarusian robocops (the homons), of women who remain for hours in presidium – white and red flowers in hand and supported by men carrying food – for the release of children, husbands and companions, arrested in the hours and days before, are shown in all the news broadcasts, on social networks and in the newspapers.

Who wants to see, sees videos and photos of male and female workers who go on strike spontaneously. There are news of pieces of the repression apparatus and the army which in some cases solidarize with the demonstrators and in others refuse to take part of the repression … a situation of increasing polarization of the class conflict, which could take on the characteristics of dualism of powers over time, such as that which opened after the democratic revolution of February 1917 in Russia.

Yet, despite all this, there are those who, regardless of the countless demonstrations to the contrary in recent years, at least from 2011 onwards, still firmly believe that it is the intelligence agencies that make history and that thousands of people take the streets to face the apparatuses of repression because paid by the CIA (sic!).
Outside the reddish-brown enclosure of the indefatigable conspiracy theorists just described, there are those who recognize the spontaneity of the demonstrations but warn about the possibility that they re-channel themselves into the institutional bed and be traced back to more mild advice, that the bourgeois democratic program of the opposition leader prevails.

So what? Did the Bolsheviks in February 1917, seeing that the revolution had started from democratic demands, above all peace, holed up in their retreat and shouted at the Kaiser’s plot to militarily weaken “Mother Russia”?
Obviously not, then what to do? In the meantime, do not assume that your navel is the center of the world and accept, reluctantly, the reality that none of us is Lenin exiled to Switzerland, who is waiting for the right moment to look out of the door of the wagon at the Finland station, and theoretically rearm the Party with the April Theses.

And then study, analyze, look at photos and videos, read texts and communications in the original language (using online translation services, where you do not have command of the language). Make contact with comrades who in Belarus, Russia or neighboring countries share authentically marxist id est revolutionary socialist internationalist positions.
Consider the situation for what it is, an open battlefield, where the only useless and indeed counterproductive position is standing at the window believing themselves powerless or worse still shouting at a conspiracy, having pre-judged what is happening today in Minsk and tomorrow, further east, not compliance with “canons” and “dogmas” of the revolution.

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